Five Songs, 12/14/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/14/2020

Gaunt, "Different Drum Machine"

Every time Gaunt comes up, I say more or less the same thing. But, dammit, I'm write. Gaunt should have been huge! This song is such a beast.

Snuff, "The Damage Is Done"

A minute and a half of just pure punk rock, this is plenty enjoyable. Just going to rip through five tunes today apparently!

The Cinematic Orchestra, "Man With The Movie Camera"

Or not! The Cinematic Orchestra are a jazz/orchestra that married cinematic tunes with, uh, jazz and some of the rhythms of dance music. It sounds like a soundtrack as created by a Ninja Tune band, which is pretty much exactly what it is. Very cool stuff.

Bruce Springsteen, "Spirit In The Night"

I'm not really a Springsteen guy. I have no objections to him or anything, and this album is good and all, but it's the only one I've bothered picking up. I have no insights or anything here, you can go find four hundred thousand other old white guys if you want to read about ol' Bruce.

Hockey Night, "Get Real"

Speaking of thing I say every time a band comes up: holy Pavement! More like Slanted & Xeroxed, amiright?

Hmm, I'll workshop that for next time.

Joshua Buergel
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