Five Songs, 12/15/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/15/2019

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, "Hora Cero"

For those who are only recently tuning in to these things, I don't always have much to say. And usually nothing significant. So, given that, here's the tremendous insight we have for this song: I like the trumpet.

Wormed, "57889330816,1"

I'm told that Wormed lyrics are about, like, space and shit. An assertion that I can only respond to by tilting my head like a confused dog. This is a little interstitial track during the tech-death madness that is Krighsu. If this sounds intriguing to you, congratulations! You have brain worms!

Dr. Dre, "The Roach (The Chronic Outro)"

I listen to Parliament quite a bit, and, of course, I listen to this album a fair bit. As a result, my confused brain sometimes forgets which song I'm actually listening to, and I end up mixing up the lyrics and expecting the band I'm not listening to. And that's while stone cold sober!

Panegyrist, "The Void Is The Heart Of The Flame"

This showed up on a year-end roundup on a metal blog, and I dunno, seemed like it was worth a shot. An overtly Christian band getting some praise for a record seemed like it might be interesting in a dancing bear kind of way. And, honestly, it's just a ridiculous record. It's just so theatrical and corny that it's all really hard to listen to and take seriously.

The Slackers, "Spin I'm In"

A track from their self-titled 2016 record, showing their usual flair, with the production in particular sounding great. But, I want to think about something different. This is, by my count, their 12th album, and they finally got around to doing a self-titled record. I wonder what the record is for bands? Off-hand, I can't think of any later.

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