Five Songs, 12/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/15/2021

Periphery, "The Gods Must Be Crazy!"

Just pure progressive metal here, with the clean singing and studio wizardry that are hallmarks of the genre. This stuff can be really hit or miss for me - for every Coheed & Cambria or The Ocean that hit for me, there's a, uh, Periphery that doesn't connect. It's hard for me to put my finger on why, exactly, other than maybe the songs. This feels to me like it exists only as a showcase for instrumental prowess.

Bitch Magnet, "Navajo Ace"

Oh my god, listen to those cymbals. And the whine of the guitar in the intro! This is extremely my shit. Bitch Magnet ruled!

Clem Snide, "Find Love"

The fourth Clem Snide record, Soft Spot, took a turn towards the intimate, retreating a bit from the more ornate arrangements of the previous album. It's a very effective move, though, letting the tenderness in the songs really shine through. You can hear some examples here, with the very suble horn in the back providing just a bit of texture. It's an outstanding album, one of my favorites.

Azymuth, "Duro de Roer"

God only knows where I learned about a record of demos from a Brazilian jazz-funk group in the mid-70s. But fuckin' hell, it smokes. Listen to this shit! Goddamn!

Childish Gambino, "Have Some Love"

Some uncut Parliament shit going on here, this also bangs. Today was good! Except for that Periphery track, that was kinda butt. Some butt happens around here, it's all good.

Joshua Buergel
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