Five Songs, 12/21/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/21/2017

I'm not entirely sold on this new version of Ghost Blog that I've installed. I feel like the editor is worse. Oh well. Music here!

Doreen's Jazz New Orleans, "12th Street Rag"

My oldest daughter started learning the clarinet in school last year, so I wanted to get some music in the house to give her some examples of the possibilities with the instrument. Doreen's Jazz New Orleans was suggested as a possibility, so I picked up this album.

The Microphones, "The Gleam Pt. 2"

Yeah, so, you know. I don't really have a ton of remaining things to say about the Microphones. But this is an excellent song.

Nice Nate, "Float"

Another piece from Nice Nate's tribute to Charles Mingus, this is again a fun little track.

The Jesus Lizard, "Seasick"

From the tremendous Goat, this is just such an inventive rock song. Menacing and claustrophobic, everything about this song is perfect, from Duane Denison's guitar lines to David Yow's strangled vocals. This album features a band at the absolute peak of their form, and they really were the best rock band on the planet at this time.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, "Hold Me Oh My Darling"

A Marvin Gaye duet from 1967, featuring that big Motown sound, this is a tremendous song and a burst of sunlight after the dankness of that Jesus Lizard song. We here at Five Songs contain multitudes! This comes from those Motown collections.

Joshua Buergel
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