Five Songs, 12/22/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/22/2021

Sunless, "Spiraling Into the Unfathomable"

There's a sort of genre of bands like Sunless who kind of approach metal from a similar direction, but don't seem to have a consistent name for their subgenre. Bands like Gorguts, Portal, Pyrron, and others are extremely dissonant and technical, but there's not so much of the wheedle-wheedle-whee solo pyrotechnics that characterize tech death. So, as a descriptor, I kind of go with dissonant death metal, and that seems to work OK. As an ill-defined subgenre, though, I quite like the stuff.

OutKast, "Behold a Lady"

I've mentioned before that I greatly prefer Speakerboxxx to The Love Below, but that's mostly due to my great affection for the former than necessarily thinking the latter is bad. But it's pretty uneven, and a tune like this is kind of fun, but it doesn't really stick in my head very much.

Joey Bada$$, "Hazeus View"

Sometimes, you just need a rap song.

Parquet Courts, "Master of My Craft"

My favorite Parquet Courts album is still their first, where they wear every influence they have on their sleeves, and just let them all come through in the music. But that quilt feels pretty original and fresh, which is a neat trick.

Dark Time Sunshine, "Run"

Good list today!

Joshua Buergel
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