Five Songs, 12/22/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/22/2020

The Replacements, "Waitress In The Sky"

This is an inner-circle member of the "Songs That Randomly Pop In Josh's Head" club. Which isn't the catchiest name, I know. I'll bring it up at the next meeting.

The Replacements, "I Will Dare"

Well, that's a first. I ain't mad!

I've said it before, but the Replacements have made the best album named Let It Be.

Negativland, "The Perfect Cut (Canned Music)"

In the wake of getting some minor success, Negativland planned to tour to support Escape From Noise. It quickly became apparent that the tour was going to be a financial disaster, so the band decided to cancel it. Being who they are, they made up a story about why they were canceling it, and fed nonsense to the media that it was a consequence of legal trouble as a result of a kid murdering his parents after listening to "Christianity Is Stupid". This was at a time when the media was ready to believe all kinds of nonsense about music and games, with satanic panic everywhere, so they got a local news station in California to bite.

This was gold to a bunch of tricksters like Negativland, and they spun a solid twenty minutes of insanity out of the raw cloth of their hoax. However, that left them a side to fill up, and they chose to do it by taking a bunch of cut up old 70s songs and fashioning some pastiches from them. Given that this is from 1989, before all of the digital tools available to today's mashup artists, it's a pretty impressive achievement. A lot of what Negativland accomplished was done with actual tape and razor blades. This is the first song of that second side, kind of introducing the concept, in a way.

Rainer Maria, "Mystery and Misery"

The final album of their peak series, Long Knives Drawn is just an excellent slab of indie rock. Rainer Maria were super consistent across these three records, and I'm always happy to listen to them.

Pink Floyd, "Time"

Boomer-tastic! (But I unironically love Pink Floyd, so, you know.)

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