Five Songs, 12/7/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/7/2019

Polyrhythmics, "The Mendo Mulcher"

I sometimes wonder if I'm going to look back on all the instrumental funk and soul that I listen to these days and think how a lot of it has aged poorly, in the same way that so much of the third wave of ska has aged poorly. But then I remember, none of this shit got popular, so it's all good! And it allows me to get my horn fix without feeling like a dope! (I still love ska, though.)

Public Enemy, "Coundown to Armageddon"

In the long list of tracks to show up here that are going to be a total dry hump for me, this might be at the top of the list. I wore out two cassette tapes of this album listening to it in the car when I was a teenager, and every bit of it is burned into my brain. Just hearing Terminator X starting to cut, I cannot wait for "too black, too strong" to kick in and the rest of this magnificent album to melt my brain.

Fishbone, "Mighty Long Way"

And instead, shuffle is hitting me with this. Well played, Plexasaurus Rex.

Kinda makes me want to decide what the worst possible song to follow "Countdown to Armageddon" is. No, don't tell me.

Mr. Lif, "Post Mortem"

See, this would be much better! The paranoid beat, the claustrophobic rhymes, the dread of the entire track, this all fits just fine after that intro.

The Jesus Lizard, "Dancing Naked Ladies (Live)"

This is a tremendous song, but the live version from Show adds nothing in particular, aside from Yow being even hoarser than usual, and some desultory banter at the end.

Joshua Buergel
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