Five Songs, 12/8/2020
Five Songs

Five Songs, 12/8/2020

Son Volt, "Back Into Your World"

Can I talk about some of the strange artifacts that my music collection has accumulated over the years? Oh, that's right, you can't stop me! The process of ripping CDs (often with dodgy info databases), matching via iTunes and Amazon Music, storing and then re-downloading from Amazon Music, moving from computer to computer, and a bunch of other things have caused mutations in a lot of this stuff. It's mostly harmless, but every now and again a tic is interesting or odd. This album has one of those mutations: the album name is recorded as Straightaways (Warner Bros) for some reason, suggesting that someone once input it that way into a database and these tracks picked it up. And you may think, well, did they release this album on multiple labels? Nope, every version in Discogs is from Warner Bros. Somebody apparently just annotated all their album names with labels for some goblin reason, and it got swept up into some aggregated database, and now it's here perplexing me.

I didn't say it was interesting! You're the one reading this, it's not my fault!

Rockabye Baby!, "Island In The Sun"

Yes, Weezer transformed into a baby tune. Let's move on.

However, I will mention that I do listen to every song that pops up on this thing in full. We all suffer together.

Pinkwash, "Longer Now"

I know we've had them before, and I still can't say anything beyond them being from Philadelphia, but as I said last time: this is a good record!

Mr. Lif, "The Unorthodox"

Mr. Lif's breakthrough was the next album, I Phantom, which is a brilliant concept record. But Emergency Rations came out first, and is nearly as good. Like I Phantom, the production is interesting, Mr. Lif is super sharp, and it's also a concept record. This one has Mr. Lif getting kidnapped in the middle of a performance, and goes from there. This one has been largely forgotten, and it's great stuff.

Priests, "Nothing Feels Natural"

Allmusic applied tags of "Noise-Punk" and "Hardcore Punk" to this record! Nothing means anything, apparently! I'm gonna just go ahead and call this folk, why not?

Joshua Buergel
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