Five Songs, 2/19/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/19/2018

Playlist is here.

Dr. Dre, "Talking To My Diary"

Depending on if you count the record The Aftermath as a Dr. Dre album or not, Dre has either made either two or three albums in the 24 years after The Chronic was released. That level of output has rendered each of those records an event. What makes it even stranger is that Compton, the most recent of those records, was supposedly made in just a year. While nothing has ever matched The Chronic, Compton is excellent, and this closing track finds Dre in a meditative mood. Given how brief his solo discography is, and how important he is to the development of the genre, all of his work is worth listening to. But, you know, not right now, because apparently this track can't be posted on YouTube. I guess we'll do six songs today.

Presidents of the United States of America, "Bath of Fire"

Another track from their second album, and as always, it makes me happy.

John Oswald, "Rose"

There's something vaguely unsettling about a song like this, which kind of hits that uncanny valley of music.

All, "Miranda"

Another song from Pummel, but still more or less sounding like a track from Allroy's Revenge. That makes this one of the better songs from that album.

Mr. T Experience, "She's Coming (Over Tonight)"

Sticking to the same basic genre here, although even more towards the pop end of things.

Cub, "Squeaky Bed"

Boy, sure glad I added that sixth song today! This is from Box of Hair, and the CD version has 56 of these twenty seconds (-ish) tracks, then a song labeled "16 Min. Of Squeaky Bed, Then A Live Song". It's on track 69. Nice.

Joshua Buergel
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