Five Songs, 2/21/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/21/2018

Still haven't missed a day yet this year!

Ghostface Killah, "Ghost Is Back"

I think Ghost's skits just kept becoming less comprehensible as time went on. They're not even really skits any more. There appears to be no bottom to the gibberish. Anyway, this is from More Fish, which isn't as good as Fishscale. But still a decent album. Good song once it actually gets going.

The Mortals, "Hangin' On"

The Seattle grunge scene wasn't really the only game in town at that time. While those acts became nationally famous, there were other robust rock scenes in town at the same time. Estrus Records was at the center of a garage and surf revival, including bands like the Mono Men, Gas Huffer, Man Or Astro-man?, and today's act, the Mortals. This is pretty nuts-and-bolts rock, but played with plenty of energy, so that's welcome. The second Mortals record, Bulletproof, is probably their best.

Blue Scholars, "Second Chapter"

It's nice to hear a short rap song. They somehow seem rarer than short rock songs. I'm not totally clear on why, but sometimes it's good to hear a song that gets what it wants to say out and then clears out.

Chance the Rapper, "No Problem"

I kind of enjoy the way that some outlets continue to insist on referring to Coloring Book as a mixtape, as if that had any meaning applied to such an assured album as this one. It's just such a sniffy, fussy distinction to attempt to draw. What, they didn't waste a bunch of time scratching this into vinyl so it doesn't count? Anyway, despite the non-handicap of being a mixtape, Coloring Book was a revelation, a joyous hour that catapulted Chance into well-deserved fame.

Stevie Wonder, "Fingertips (Part 1)"

"Fingertips" was one of the first big hits that Stevie Wonder had, back when he was still "Little" Stevie Wonder. This comes from 1963, when he was 13. 13! Amazing. When I was 13, I was...well, doing basically what I do now, screwing around on computers, playing D&D, and dorking around with board games.

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