Five Songs, 2/5/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 2/5/2022

Mary Wells, "My Guy"

Another classic Motown tune. I wish I could set up all my music streaming to just inject periodic Motown songs into whatever I'm listening to. Having a Four Tops song pop up in the middle of some Neanderthal death metal record would be pretty excellent.

Shenandoah Davis, "Gold Coast"

I like the choral bits in this, and the well placed additions to the piano. It's a lovely piece.

American Music Club, "Gratitude Walks"

Lotta piano today. This is the opening of Mercury, and it was the first album I ever heard from them. At the time, I wasn't really interested in this sort of thing generally, but it still struck me as worthy. I would circle back to this album again a couple years later, and it connected much better. But I sort of needed to get past listening to mostly just grunty stuff.

The Minus 5, "A Thousand Years Away"

I know it's pretty basic, but I love the Minus 5. It's just rock, straight up, but I'm allowed to listen to some basic stuff, right?

Rogue Wave, "California"

Wait! I haven't forgotten that Rogue Wave exists yet! Noooo!

Joshua Buergel
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