Five Songs, 3/11/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/11/2021

Jungle Fire, "La Kossa"

Jungle Fire, out of LA, play Afro beat and funk, clearly heavily inspired by the usual folks like Fela Kuti and James Brown. Nothing wrong with that! Anyway, this is from their 2017 album on Colemine records, and I really appreciate the drama of this. There's a lot of Kool & the Gang that I hear, and that works for me.

Lee Alan, "Set Me Free"

Look, not every single Motown put out during their heyday was a slam dunk. But even the goofier ones are still short, at least.

Whores., "Baby Bird"

Listen to that fuzzy noise rock! Lotta Unsane in the mix here.

Meanwhile, I'm going to complain a little bit about bands that style their names with punctuation in them. Kinda looks like shit a lot of the time! Look at that period-comma construction up there! I reproduce the names that way, but it looks bad.

PJ Harvey, "The Moth"

PJ Harvey's 2019 album, All About Eve, is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know how well it fits, but I'm sure it's great. This song is actually sung by the movie's stars. In general, I prefer Harvey's more energetic material, but this is very good.

Frontierer, "Tumoric"

Hey, it's recent industrial! Discogs categorizes this as "hardcore, experimental, math rock", and I don't buy that. There's a ton of industrial here to my ears.

I'm sure you all love a good categorization hair-splitting, don't you?

Joshua Buergel
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