Five Songs, 3/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/15/2021

Frederick Knight, "Trouble"

Hell yeah, that's the stuff.

Front 242, "Gripped By Fear"

This is from a remix EP called Mixed By Fear, containing remixes of songs from Tyranny For You. It's every bit as forgettable as that sounds, and is incredibly inessential.

El Michaels Affair, "Easy Access"

This is a repeat! It smokes, but we'll do a sixth song today.

Mombu, "Stutterer Ancestor"

We just had a Mombu track the other day, so enjoy another track of their chaotic drum and bari sax styling!

Kind of short entries today. Whatever! You're not the boss of me!

David Bowie, "Queen Bitch"

I just don't know what to say, really. I'm sitting here trying to picture somebody who first encounters David Bowie through my dopey music blog, and that person just doesn't exist. You already have an opinion on David Bowie! Your opinion is fine, assuming it agrees with mine!

The Nation of Ulysses, "Shakedown"

These little found sound/spoken word/interlude things on this album really add so much to the claustrophobic atmosphere, they're great. Ian Svenonius is one of the all-time great screamers as well. Tremendous stuff!

Joshua Buergel
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