Five Songs, 3/17/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/17/2021

Jan Jelinek, "If's, And's and But's"

I honestly think that Jan Jelinek might be the artist I can consistently identify the fastest in my collection. That glitch is just so recognizable. Also, love the grocer's apostrophe's here!

Crunt, "Unglued"

Been a while since we've had them here. (checks) We've never had them here! Crunt were a side project of Kat Bjelland (Babes in Toyland), Russell Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), and Stuart Gray (Lubricated Goat). They produced one album, which rips, but that was it unfortunately. It's basically totally forgotten at this point, but it's a good time.

Can, "Pinch"

If someone wants to know what the term "krautrock" means, you could do a lot worse than playing them this song.

Joe Lally, "Nothing to Lose"

I haven't added it all up, but I think Joe Lally has been the most active ex-Fugazi member. In addition to a couple Messthetics albums and the excellent Coriky album, he has three solo albums that are all solid records. None of that totally erases the absence of any new Fugazi material, but it helps a little bit.

Pharcyde, "Blaze"

After the disappointing reception of Labcabincalifornia (which is an excellent record), Fatlip left the band and the remaining members put out Plain Rap. Whether due to Fatlip's absence or just a lack of inspiration, it's a totally flat album. It's competent, but there's nothing about it that is inspiring at all.

Joshua Buergel
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