Five Songs, 3/30/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/30/2018

We're a couple of weeks away from the first birthday of Five Songs. I'm thinking about changing up the format a little. Anybody have any thoughts? Here's today's music.

Freeway, "Hear The Song"

While I think Freeway usually has great beats, this is not one them. This song just feels kind of disjointed.

The Dead Kennedys, "I Am The Owl"

This comes from the second Kennedys full-length, Plastic Surgery Disasters, which is probably the album in their discography that I hear the least about. It's not the debut, which was the most purely hardcore of their albums, and it doesn't have as much of the baroque strangeness of their later releases. But, like all their albums, it's still very good, and worthy of listening to.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Freaky Styley"

Before they became MTV staples, before they came to be one of the most famous bands on the planet, before they eventually became punchlines, the Red Hot Chili Peppers made Freaky Styley. It's the most funky album they would ever make, which makes sense when you learn that it was produced by funk legend George Clinton. If you're only familiar with the later more rock oriented version of the Peppers, this entire album will probably be a little bit of a surprise. They never worked with Clinton again, and they never really made anything like this again either.

Firewater, "The Vegas Strip"

On The Man On The Burning Tightrope, Firewater might have gone as far as the "wedding band gone wrong" concept would go. Diminishing returns had set in, and they would actually change directions with their next album. Now, Firewater not at their best is still way better than most bands ever reach, but this isn't the album to start with.

The Pyramids, "My Father, Tall As Goliath"

We don't often get songs that sounds like they start in media res like this. Anyway, The Pyramids are kind of indescribable. Let's see what I said before? (looks) OK, at least I'm consistent: I don't know what to make of The Pyramids, but I like them. INSIGHTFUL

Joshua Buergel
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