Five Songs 3/7/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs 3/7/2021

Pyrrhon, "The Invisible Hand Holds A Whip"

Every three years, discordant death metal masters Pyrrhon fire off a new album, and every three years, it whips. I first encountered them with their second record, The Mother of Virtues, and have eagerly followed them since then. While they were dropped by Relapse records after that masterwork, they haven't slowed down. I recognize totally that this stuff is repellant and bizarre, but it's compelling in ways I don't totally understand.

Big Daddy Kane, "I Get The Job Done"

I guess I summoned Big Daddy Kane by mentioning him the other day! Big Daddy Kane's classic 1989 album It's A Big Daddy Thing is a link in the chain from the early days of rap to the boastful, money-soaked 90s. Kane is an engaging storyteller, and to my ears this stuff still sounds pretty good.

Mombu, "Mombu Storm"

You know what's better than a guitar/drums duo kicking out a massive racket? A baritone sax/drums duo kicking out a massive racket! I played some Mombu one time during a game session, and after a little while, a friend turned to me and just said "I don't like this." Well, sorry if you don't like this either, but I think it rules.

Linda Griner, "Good Bye Cruel Love"

Linda Griner had a single, solitary single released on Motown, this one. I don't know how many folks only had one release on Motown, but I wonder what their stories are.

All Natural, "Queens Get The Money"

Chicago hip-hop artists All Natural came to my attention because their second album, Second Nature, came out on Thrill Jockey, of all labels. I've mostly had good luck with rap records released by respected indie rock labels, so I gave it a whirl. It's good! I didn't really stick with them, though.

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