Five Songs, 4/1/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/1/2018

Three months in the books, three months of Five Songs every day! And we're still rollin'!

The Clash, "Remote Control"

Have we talked about the Clash's debut album yet? What separated the Clash from so much of the rest of the new punk scene is that the Clash brought more than just energy and fury to their music. And while early punk should be lauded for how egalitarian it was, and for its emphasis on just getting out there and doing it, the Clash really demonstrated what happened when you took that DIY ethos and married it to some tremendous songs.

fIREHOSE, "Things Could Turn Around"

Another track from Ragin', Full-On, demonstrating how the band was already folding in Ed Crawford's folk influences. This really is a unique record, I love it so much.

Tuxedo, "Special"

Tuxedo is a collaboration between Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne (who will come up at some point), based around their shared love of electro-funk. When listening to this, it's clear that this isn't a pose, it's not them tackling this stuff just for irony, it comes from a genuine place. Both Tuxedo albums are worth getting if you are interested in electro-funk.

Dirty Projectors, "Useful Chamber"

Really, I'm just here for the backup vocals.

The Cows, "Whitney In The Woodpile"

During college, I lost a box of CDs, a loss I still regret. Among that pile were my copies of the first four Cows albums, which are now very difficult to find (they're probably on Amazon now, aren't they?). They were also mostly a mess, so probably not that big of a deal, but it's still annoying. Anyway, they did release Old Gold (1989-91), a collection of some of the best tracks from that period, and honestly, that's probably good enough. Those early albums were rough, y'all. Anyway, this is from that collection.

Joshua Buergel
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