Five Songs, 4/11/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/11/2022

Koenjihyakkei, "Angherr Shisspa"

Koenjihyakkei is a band led by Tatsuya Yoshida, the drummer/lunatic in Ruins. It's an off-kilter take on prog, inspired by Magma, and it's every bit as unhinged as Ruins ever was. Just with a bigger band. I mean, I suppose I don't really need to describe it, you can hear it just fine. How would I go about describing this, anyway?

The Mars Volta, "Askepios"

Oh, is this what we're doing today, shuffle?


The Toasters, "Everything You Said Has Been A Lie"

It's an interesting thought experiment is if the Toasters would have been more successful with a different front man. Rob Hingley wasn't really terrible or anything, but he also didn't really add to the mix either. For the most part, their instrumentals were their best work. With a more dynamic singer, they might have been able to break through, and might have joined the Bosstones as one of the breakthrough bands of the third wave.

Witchcraft, "Breakdown"

This damn thing gets seven full minutes before it gets going. Good thing I like those squeaky riffs once it finally gets off the starting line.

Frank Black and the Catholics, "Bad Harmony"

[squints] Getting some real Pixies vibes here from this one, maybe this band should try and disguise their influences at least a little bit.

Joshua Buergel
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