Five Songs, 4/13/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/13/2022

Cause for Effect, "Sonic Titanic"

This will never fail to make me laugh. It's just so absurd! Demented prog/grindcore fusion, complete with brutal vocals, come on, how could you not love this! I listened to this three times in a row before moving on.

Palm Reader, "Tire Me"

Palm Reader got together with Conjurer for a split covers EP. That's a pretty inessential premise, but it's a fun release. This, of course, is a Rage Against the Machine track, and they do a nice job with it.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, "We Are"

I think in the popular imagination, DJ Jazzy Jeff is a pop guy, just the companion of the Fresh Prince and not the most important part of that act. But for his solo record for BBE, DJ Jazzy Jeff really steps up and delivers some super nice beats for a cast of rappers. He makes the case that while Will Smith became the famous one, he was an essential part of the original winning formula.

Pound, "x-.+.+.x-.+.x-.x-.+"

Yeah! We got ourselves a couple metal duo weirdos today! Pound is from Seattle (represent!) and they make this kind of math-y grindcore-y sort of stuff. Like a less treble-y Lightning Bolt, which, fuck yeah!

Aceyalone, "The Guidelines"

Got a full house today, metal over hip-hop.

Nearly had that rarest of day today, with five new artists, but alas - we've had Aceyalone before.

Joshua Buergel
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