Five Songs, 4/17/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/17/2019

Y'all, I screwed up. 4/14 is this project's birthday, and I just flat missed it. I didn't forget, I just didn't get around to posting, and that's a shame. I don't want to neglect this! 471 entries over the first two years, right around two-thirds of days. Not bad! But, you know, I haven't been carving out as much time recently. But nevermind that, I'm going to try and pick up the pace again! HIT IT, PLEXASAURUS REX!

MF Doom, "Kon Queso"

YEAH, WAY TO HIT IT! Just listen to the rhyme patterns in this song, let them soak in. There's something really dizzying about MF Doom when you really try and concentrate on it, but it's lots of fun when he's just rattling it off.

They Might Be Giants, "Schoolchildren Singing Particle Man"

Uh, pretty much what it says on the tin. I missed you, Five Songs! Those kids KILL it with the claps.

Daughters, "The Reason They Hate Me"

I didn't post my favorites of 2018 anywhere, because I'm a lazy jerk, and I just flat never got around to it. But Daughters' first album in 8 years, You Won't Get What You Want, would be near the top of the list. It's EXTREMELY my jam. A merging of noise rock and industrial, it's chilly, disaffected, noisy, and just fantastic. Listen to this shit! It's like Nine Inch Nails meets the Jesus Lizard! For a band that started out just playing straight ahead grindcore, Daughters ended up in a way more interesting place, and I really hope they don't take another eight years to make another album.

Minor Threat, "Seeing Red"

Aw, you're treating me so well today, shuffle! Minor Threat was amazing, yes, yes, but can we talk about how incredible that band name is? It's just perfect, rebellious, but acknowledging that they're still a band, you know? It's on my very short list of the best band names I can think of.

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge, "Twelve Reasons To Die"

Wu-Tang albums and artists are always at their best when they're cinematic, drawing inspiration from pulp movies and creating stories in that vein. Think about, say, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx or Apollo Kids. With Twelve Reasons To Die, Ghostface made that notion even more explicit, working with Adrian Younge, who was known primarily for his film scores. It's about as 70s as can be, and it's just a delight from wall-to-wall.

(NB: the song starts at 35:54 in the linked video.)

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