Five Songs, 4/19/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/19/2019

It's a new thing / check out this I bring

Mix Master Mike, "Now You're Mine"

One of my real weaknesses is horns, as faithful listener/readers of Five Songs know. Prominent horns in a hip-hop track? That is, in fact, my jam.

The Postal Service, "Brand New Colony"

A danger in having written 470-whatever of these things is that it has legitimately reached the point where I have trouble remembering what I've said before. And, honestly, I have managed to bork my indexing system, so it's not easy for me to look things up. So until I unbork my indexing system, you're at risk of repeat stories. This is relevant, because I have basically two things to say about the Postal Service, and I cannot shake the feeling that I've said one or both of them before. So, instead, I'll just drop this FASCINATING meta-note here. Nothin' but fuckin' professionalism on this here blog, my friends!

RJD2, "Ghostwriter Remix"

I'm kind of squinting thinking that MAYBE this beat lies on a line between the previous two songs. Somewhere. Can you squint your brain? I think I can.

I wonder if I could pay someone on Mechanical Turk to fix my tagging on this blog?

Squarepusher, "D Frozent Aac"

I'm really picking up what shuffle is putting down here today. This is from the most recent Squarepusher album, Damogen Furies, part of the late career renaissance that Tom Jenkinson managed with his last two albums after several missteps. There's a balance in this stuff between the aggressive, distorted synth tones of the lead against the softer synth washes in the background that gives you this lovely high/low thing.

Primus, "To Defy"

Well, four outta five ain't bad.

Joshua Buergel
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