Five Songs, 4/2/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/2/2021

Future of the Left, "the male gaze"

This is a pretty straightforward song from Future of the Left, perhaps to kind of match the subject of the song.

The Delgados, "Accused of Stealing"

There's another band that this is really reminding me of, and I'm totally unable to put my finger on it. That sensation, of a band or song remaining just outside of your grasp, is one of the most frustrating things for my brain. Super painful, and I don't know how I can clear this one out.

Rocket From The Crypt, "Pushed"

The saxophone largely disappeared from rock, after it got a little too associated with either soft jazz or uninspired Dad rock. And that's all fine, but it's pretty unfair, as the sax can fit right in with rock and add some lovely texture to things. Even after the sterling example of Rocket From The Crypt, though, people still didn't add the sax to their lineups.

Antipop Consortium, "Shine"

Love the "Tom Sawyer" synth sounds here, that's so choice. And the staccato synth line opening up this song. All excellent stuff.

The Skeletones, "Razor Back"

Well, I'm not sure this was necessary at all. Oh well!

Joshua Buergel
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