Five Songs, 4/24/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/24/2017

Big day at Five Songs Inc.! We're...ok, that's a lie. It's just me, and I'm just doing the usual. But I have music for you, so I can't be all bad, right? Not our best playlist today, though.

Eagles of Death Metal, "Bag O' Miracles"

Sadly, most people will only recognize the Eagles of Death Metal due to the tragic terrorist attack at their concert in Paris. EoDM is one of Josh Homme's (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age) side projects, playing a booze-soaked bluesy hard rock with an aggressively skanky edge to things. It's music that really wants you to have a good time, and by god, it's going to define "good time" for you! Truth be told, after about half an album, I'm usually done, but it's fine in smaller doses.

This song is kind of a throwaway, though.

DJ Vadim, "Headz Still Ain't Ready"

At some point in the late 90s, people decided that "hip hop, only without the rhymes" was a super cool genre of music. And there are some standouts in that space, DJ Shadow's Endtroducing being the obvious one. DJ Vadim put out similar stuff, but the tracks here are really too plain to stand on their own. It's very easy to let your attention wander.

Paris Combo, "Dans Les Bras D'Un Loup"

I'll be totally honest: I'm not entirely sure how I ended up with a live album from a French vocal jazz combo. I mean, I remember getting it, I just don't really remember why. It's pleasant, though. As usual, I'm not licensed to write usefully about jazz.

Tame Impala, "Expectation"

Critical darlings Tame Impala make fuzzy, dreamy throwback pop music that usually fails to quite capture my attention. It does usually sound pretty gorgeous when it's playing, and then after it's done, I can't really recall anything that happened. It's all really well done, and just glossy enough to really bounce off of me. It's no surprise that Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev, a bunch of work with the Flaming Lips among others) produced the record, though. It really sounds like it.

Beige, "Freaky Fuckin' Windows"

Beige is an electronic act, making glitchy techno dance music. It's often pretty sparse, with lots of clicks, blurts of noise, and other robotic sounding shit going on. I'm not as versed in the vocabulary of micro-genres in electronic music as I am in various rock music, so I'm sure I've already miscategorized this. Sorry, purely theoretical electronic music enthusiast reading this!

Since this song is pretty spare, just a minute of synth bleats and minimal percussion, I went to go look for another track to include in the playlist as well. And then we hit an exciting milestone in Five Songs history: I can't find this album on Youtube! Hooray! That means I get to figure out if I can upload these things or not. Let's find out!

[futzing with Youtube and iMovie ensues]

Well, seems like it worked. We'll see!

Joshua Buergel
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