Five Songs, 4/30/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/30/2021


Another month in the books here! NOT BAD.

Boss Hog, "Winn Coma"

Straight-ahead rock from the most straight-ahead record Boss Hog made.

Krallice, "Inhume"

The third Krallice album, Diotima, was the last they did with Profound Lore before striking out on their own. It contains the usual elaborate black metal craziness, and while it's good, it's maybe the Krallice album that sticks with me the least.

Ulthar, "Undying Spear"

Shuffle is in a metal mood these last couple days. This is from the 2020 album Providence, and if you were wondering what black metal vs. death metal was like, these two tracks might help. The pounding riffs here are very death metal, as opposed to the tremelo picking madness of the Krallice song. The vocals here are kind of black metal, though.

Nine Inch Nails, "Something I Can Never Have"

I put on Pretty Hate Machine the other day and was delighted that not only had all the lyrics still stuck with me after all these years, but all the little tics in the performance were still there. Never getting those brain cells back!

SUMA, "let the churches burn"

Doom metal from Sweden, and I guess we're just doing a metal sampler today. I guess in our examination of guitar, doom differentiates from death metal by being much, much slower.

Joshua Buergel
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