Five Songs, 4/5/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/5/2022

A Forest of Stars, "A Prophet for a Pound of Flesh"

The rolled Rs are a bit much, don't you think, A Forest of Stars guy? There's always a line that metal bands walk, where if they go too far and seem like they're taking themselves too seriously, they cross into Theatre Kid territory. Now, you can lean into the ridiculousness, of course, and that's fine and good and not what I'm talking about. It's just if you get too dramatic and don't seem to be tongue-in-cheek at all, well, it gets extremely silly.

Craw, "405"

Now, see, that's about a hundred times more effective as a nasty piece of work.

Isaiah Rashad, "R.I.P. Kevin Miller"

Real Five Song heads (which is nobody) might remember Isiah Rashad popping up as the first mystery artist we ever had on here, someone that I have no recollection of adding to the library. But here we are, I have two albums from him, and no: still no idea.

Mastodon, "Fallen Torches"

You know, a thing that's kind of neat about Mastodon is how recognizable Brann Dailor's work is on the drums. From the first second of that intro fill, this is instantly a Mastodon song.

OutKast, "Chronomentrophobia"

Man, I miss OutKast.

Joshua Buergel
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