Five Songs, 5/11/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/11/2022

Forest Swords, "The Weight of Gold"

Always nice to heart from Forest Swords! I'd like to hear a new album from him, actually, although I suppose the wait between the first two albums is about what we've waited since the second album. So maybe soon! I've convinced myself!

Negativland, "Either Or"

True False, the 2019 record from Negativland, is something of a return home for them, although without some dearly departed members. It's based around the same kind of collage work that they used on their biggest albums, and the sound is in the same vein as those records. For people like me who have been listening to them for decades, it's comforting in a way to hear it. But, of course, as befits Negativland, it's not wholly comforting, as the material on the record is mostly downer stuff around the media's negative effects on the well-being of society and our own minds. As always, it's a thoughtful record, and the world would be a better place if something like Negativland was more prominent.

The Wedding Present, "Give My Love to Kevin (Acoustic)"

This is from the later CD edition of George Best, the brilliant debut record by the Wedding Present, which is the distilled sound of sexual frustration. The CD version includes a couple singles and some alternate takes, including this acoustic take on "Give My Love To Kevin", which alas is not as good as the album take.

Zion I, "The Taking"

Always painful when writing something here takes longer than the actual track. But this is how you know I'm being honest about just doing five random tracks!

UNKLE, "Bloodstain"

UNKLE is a long-running act that has put out a ton of albums, with James Lavelle being the continuity between them. But this is the only one I've listened to, because it's the only one with DJ Shadow on it. If you've run out of DJ Shadow work under his name, you could do worse than to move here.

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