Five Songs, 5/14/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/14/2022

Boldy James and the Alchemist, "Scrape the Bowl"

Boldy James and the Alchemist got together for a second record, The Price of Tea in China, seven years after the first record. They've got great chemistry together, something they must agree on as they subsequently went on to make a third record. It's very good, and if this track strikes your fancy, you'll definitely enjoy it.

Public Enemy, "Miuzi Weighs A Ton"

I was going to use the phrase "old school" in my description back there, but thought better of it because I'm not even entirely sure I know what old school means to people these days. Sometimes it seems to just mean "in a style I like". Anyway, to me? This is what it means.

Eminem, "Guilty Conscience"

With every year that passes, the moral panic centered around Eminem in particular just seems sillier and siller. I mean, that's the way of moral panics in general, but going back and listening to his helium-voiced cartoonery really makes it seem very goofy indeed.

Sturgill Simpson, "Breakers Roar"

With A Sailor's Guide to Earth, Simpson continued broadening his approach to country music to pull in more and more influences from outside the tradition. It was already clear from his previous records that he was going to make the music he wanted to make, but he really found another gear here. Nobody really had "proggy country concept album" on their bingo cards, but he made it, and it's a delight.

Medeski, Martin & Wood, "Just Like I Pictured It"

Pretty good set today, Eminem aside.

Joshua Buergel
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