Five Songs, 5/15/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/15/2017

I've made the decision to try and just embed Bandcamp stuff directly here, in cases where the track isn't easily available on YouTube. I could upload it, but since Bandcamp embeds well, I think this will work fine. Let me know if that's too big a hassle! Your playlist today (but note, Kröwnn is down below!)

Kröwnn, "For the Throne of Fire"

Any metal track that begins with a quote from the Conan movie is really leaning into the camp. And this track sounds exactly like you'd expect a metal track starting with a Conan quote to sound. It's pretty much just overt Black Sabbath worship. I mean, come on, the band is called "Kröwnn". The proper place to be writing about this band is on the side of a van. I mean, look at that album cover! There's a wizard on it!

Thelonious Monk, "I Mean You"

Say it with me: I'm not qualified to write about jazz. Would it make me look like a total tool to say that the first time I heard this song, it was actually the rendition by the NY Ska-Jazz Ensemble? Probably. Um. Monk is great!

(NB: I've linked to a different performance of the song, because finding the exact one I have is a needle in a haystack.)

The Reigning Sound, "You're So Strange"

Garage rock out of Memphis, with just a tiny bit of Memphis soul mixed into the formula at times. As always, garage rock succeeds or fails based on the energy that the band brings to the proceedings, and these folks do a great job.

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, "The Marshall"

There's a fine line between art rock and just fuckin' around. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 often found themselves on the wrong side of that line. On the correct side, they could be a unique and fun listen. On the wrong side, well, just listen to this.

Stubborn All-Stars, "Roland Meets Richie"

A New York ska supergroup led by Jeff "King Django" Baker (Skinnerbox) and featuring players from many other NY bands at the time, including the Slackers, the Stubborn All-Stars played ska straight ahead, making them a really enjoyable listen. Their second album, Back With a New Batch, is better, but this is still a very strong ska album.

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