Five Songs, 5/18/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/18/2021

Mary Timony, "Poison Moon"

This is Mary Timony's first solo record, and you can kind of hear some pointers towards where here work would head, both with Wild Flag and Ex Hex. There's more of a new wave feeling to some of this, and less of the indie feel of things. It's a transitional record, but still very good.

LCD Soundsystem, "call the police"

LCD Soundsystem noisily retired in 2011, making a big deal out of their last show at Madison Square Garden and then riding off into the sunset. Until, of course, they returned in 2017 with a new album. New York, I Love You, But You're Getting Ripped Off.

Anyway, is it good? It's certainly not going to change any minds. It's indisputably an LCD Soundsystem, very much in character. I don't think it's as good as any of the records in their first run, so there's that.

Felt, "Hot Bars"

Felt is a collaboration between Atmosphere and Murs, sounding more like the former because Ant is on production. Slug and Murs are both skilled and dextrous enough on the mic to be able to keep up with the tunes, and the resulting albums (three of them so far) are all a good time. Nothing groundbreaking here, but just lots of clever, impressive rhyming.

The Minus 5, "My Generation"

This Minus 5 track comes from Dungeon Golds, which is a record taking tracks from the very limited edition 5 LP release Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of Horror. I've never heard that, so I don't know if Dungeon Golds has the pick of the litter or what. It was released on vinyl for Record Store Day, and never re-issued in its original form. Record Store Day sucks! Anyway, this album isn't the Minus 5's best work, so maybe it's OK that I've never heard the full deal.

The Meters, "Gettin' Funkier All The Time"

GodDAMN. I don't think I can handle it getting funkier than this!

Joshua Buergel
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