Five Songs, 5/2/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/2/2022

The Beatles, "I'm So Tired"

Big same, Beatles.

DJ Krush, "Jikan no Hashi 2"

Do I need to hear "Jikan no Hashi" for this song to make sense?

Abstract hip-hop artist DJ Krush's 1996 MiLiGHT featured a bunch of collaborations, resulting in a bit of an uneven record. But at the heart of it are always his jazzy beats, so it's still a pleasant listen.

The Skunks, "The Chairman"

Well, that's pointless.

Tricky, "Abbaon Fat Tracks"

I'm sitting here thinking, geez, this entry is pretty light. I gotta step it up and really write something for this song! What insight do I have? Anything I can cook up that really makes people think "yeah, I'm so glad I stick with this dumb blog every day". Then, the first thing on the track is "fuck you" and you know what? Fuck you too! I ain't writing shit.

Señor Coconut y su conjunto, "Showroom Dummies"

Not you, dear reader. I was referring to Tricky on that last one. You're lovely, my favorite. Yes, you.

Anyhoo, I've listened to this record and this song specifically so much that it's actually replaced the Kraftwerk version in my head as the actual "Showroom Dummies". And I've listened to the Kraftwerk version a non-trivial amount too!

Joshua Buergel
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