Five Songs, 5/21/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/21/2021

U.S. Maple, "Rice Ain't Afraid Of Nothing"

A thing about U.S. Maple is that they frequently sounded like they were playing three different songs at the same time. It legitimately sounds like they got their wires crossed while playing, but then it kind of comes into focus and you realize it was all deliberate. It's very difficult to sound this chaotic on purpose.

Metallica, "Confusion"

Metallica's throwback to their heyday began with 2008's Death Magnetic, but 2016's Hardwired...To Self-Destruct is the record that really brought things back. There's no way for Metallica to really capture the fury of Master of Puppets at this point in their career, but they can certainly try and write songs in that vein. It's certainly a decent album, but it kind of lacks a spark. There's monster riffage all over the album, but it just doesn't sink its hooks in.

The Shelia Divine, "Hum"

The Shelia Divine were an indie band out of Boston that generated a little bit of buzz around this, their debut record, but didn't really make too much of a dent beyond that. I bought this record back then, and liked it ok, but it didn't stick with me much beyond the first couple months with it. Some real Samiam vibes here.

Gorguts, "Earthly Love"

Luc Lemay's Gorguts, out of Quebec, made waves in the late 90s especially with this album, Obscura, which really showed how out there a death metal album could get. The heavy use of discordence, the rhythmic surprises, the occasional asides that pop up, it's all pretty strange stuff. Alas, the band would break up after the suicide of their drummer, but they would reform around a new linup in 2016 for a new (and excellent) album.

Cali Agents, "How The West Was One"

I think we've had this song before, but I'm not going to check. Five Songs! Quality is probably one of our jobs!

Joshua Buergel
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