Five Songs, 5/23/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/23/2018


Gaunt, "Duh"

Does any song ever need to be longer than the 1:36 of this song? Yeah, of course, why would you ask that question? But damn, this shit is EFFICIENT at getting the rock into your face. Gaunt ruled, y'all.

Gift of Gab, "Everything Is Fine"

This song features the legendary George Clinton as a guest, which is fun. And honestly, this beat sounds like something from The Streets, and now I kind of want to hear a collaboration between Gift of Gab and the Streets for real. And maybe George Clinton? Why not!

DJ Shadow, "Fixed Income"

Yeah, and DJ Shadow! Excellent suggestion, shuffle! This album is gonna be GREAT.

Following up a stone-cold classic like Endtroducing... was always going to be difficult, and the fact that DJ Shadow took five years to do so just raised the stakes. And, well, The Private Press isn't Endtroducing... Which is really unfair to what is still a very good record. If his classic debut didn't exist, this album would have still been a great debut.

Bailter Space, "Locher"

Long running indie band out of New Zealand, Bailter Space were part of what was an active scene there that some folks were really big into here in the States. But I never really figured out that much about the bands, there being only so many things one can keep track of. So while I recognize some of the labels and bands and can identify them, I'm not sure I have a lot to say about many of them.

Lil' Cap'n Travis, "Natural Fool"

Here at Five Songs, we often come across things that we don't really remember listening to. Look, when a music binge happens, one doesn't always have the chance to follow through on everything. Occasionally we even come across things where we don't really remember even buying them. But even those, we can usually figure out why we ended up with them.

But then we have the true rarities: things where we have no clue how a song ended up in the ol' library. And so we have today's track. No clue, y'all. The whole album isn't even in the library, just two songs! Mysterious.

Joshua Buergel
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