Five Songs, 5/28/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/28/2021

Renegade Soundwave, "Murder Music"

I will always group Renegade Sounwave with Pop Will Eat Itself in my brain, and it's almost impossible to separate them. But, if you've heard both bands, I think you can hear what I'm hearing. If you cannot, don't tell me! I don't care!

Silkworm, "Garden City Blues"

My library of bands I could compare people to back when I picked up this album in 1994 was fairly limited, and my big thought when I listened to this was "geez, Pavement much?" And, I suppose in my defense, this song still sounds pretty Pavement-y to my ears. That description sells Silkworm very short, of course, but when this was the first song on the record, I'm going to go ahead and let Young Josh off the hook.

J Church, "Fascist Radio"

This comes from the EP The Precession of Simulacra • The Map Precedes The Territory, released in 1995. It gathers together some of the tracks from a Japan-only album release, adds a couple other miscellaneous tracks for the CD version, and ends up being kind of a mini-album in length. The J Church discography is super confusing, as different releases got broken up into different forms, and songs would appear in multiple places. For example, that Japan-only record (Soul Patch and Cho Chos) contributed tracks to this, another single, two splits, and two singles collection/comps. Their website says they have seven proper albums, but I've got 11 I would have called albums. And I'm missing two of the ones they DO call albums (I've fixed that). Baffling!

The Magnetic Fields, "Meaningless"

I think this is a repeat, which is funny, given the size of this album.

The Du-Rites, "Amsterdam Ave. Suite (Live)"

This comes from the Du-Rites' live album, Soundcheck at 6, which contains some fine versions of tunes across the first three studio albums. This record can give you a nice cross-section of their work, and isn't a bad place to start with them.

The Broadways, "15 Minutes"

The Broadways were a successor band of the wonderful Slapstick, but they only put out one album (Broken Star) before they called it quits. Unlike Slapstick, they were pretty much pure punk, but it's a solid (if forgotten) record.

Joshua Buergel
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