Five Songs, 5/29/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/29/2018

Took a little break there. No worries, we're back in business!

Wiccans, "Pageantry"

I mentioned last time that Wiccans kind of sound like an old Amphetamine Reptile act, and they really do. This kind of sounds like maybe old Cows, or perhaps something like the Cosmic Psychos.

UFO Or Die, "Kendo Machine Smokin'"

Well, uh, that's a thing, huh?

Botanist, "Gleditsia"

The closer to VI: Flora, this is the coda to an excellent album, but this song doesn't have a lot to say.

Let's hope we get some great shit for the next two tracks!

The Delgados, "Child Killers"

This doesn't sound anywhere near angry enough for a song called "Child Killers" on an album called Hate. I mean, if I just gave you that information, given the context of this blog, you'd probably assume it was some obnoxious piece of blistering grindcore. But no! Five Songs contains multitudes.

The Slackers, "Feed My Girl Ska"

From The Boss Harmony Sessions, this is a live-in-studio version of a song that originally appeared on The Question. As with all things Slackers, this is a good album, although it's further down on the list than others, just because many of the songs here are available on other records.

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