Five Songs, 5/4/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/4/2022

The Magnetic Fields, "Meaningless"

Pretty sure this is a repeat!

The National, "Afraid of Everyone"

This is also a repeat!

(That's a lie, I just don't want to figure out anything to say about the National. Don't want to make people mad!)

La Gritona, "Jack Passion"

La Gritona were a noise rock band out of Boston, active in the second half of the 90s, who put out one album and some EPs before ending things. And they smoke, all heavy skronk and yelling, exactly the kind of stuff that's up my alley. But I had no idea they existed, because by the time their album came out in 1997, I was out of college and slowly losing touch with music. Luckily, their entire catalog was compiled together into a re-release in 2010, where a postiive review brought it to my attention. And maybe this will bring them to someone else's attention, because this stuff rules.

The Wedding Present, "Greenland"

I was going to say that Going, Going... is the last Wedding Present album, but in the process of verifying that claim, I discovered that no, it's not. There's apparently Locked Down and Stripped Back, which is a live set but includes some new material. So, uh, I don't remember what my point was going to be here.

J Church, "Unrequited"

J Church operating in a very Jawbreaker kind of mode here, which more bands should probably try. Although most bands would suck at it. Oh well!

Foetus, "Corrodia Gravis (remix by Tom Recchion)"

Vein is a remix album of tracks from Love, and already you know that it's inessential. I don't really know why I do this to myself. This came out in 2007, I was a good 25 years past being remix crazy. And still, here we are. Ah well.

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