Five Songs, 5/7/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/7/2018

All frequent fliers today!

Public Enemy, "Lost In Space Music"

This comes from Man Plans God Laughs, which is deep into the long run of somehwat undifferentiated albums that Public Enemy has been making for years and years now. They've lasted long enough and produced enough records that they have way more non-peak albums than they do peak albums. Which is kind of a bummer. It's also hard for me to fairly evaluate most of these these records. They're competing with such indelible memories.

Rufus Thomas, "Funky Way"

I like how malleable the word "funk" is. It can stand in for so many things! And then my brain pointed out that that makes the word basically the musical version of the word "smurf", and now I smurfing hate myself. Sorry, Rufus. That's a smurfin' way to treat somebody.

Melvins, "Edgar the Elephant (Death)"

Sometimes, the Sabbath worship really goes over the top for the Melvins. I mean, they pull it off, because they're legitimately great themselves. Anyway, I'm just slowly headbanging along here.

Sicko, "An Indie Rock Daydream"

One of the things that's delightful about Sicko is that they were never sour, never cranky. There's plenty of room for that kind of thing in music, of course, and goodness knows I listen to plenty of it. But it's also nice to have a band that's always pleasant to listen to, and Sicko fits that bill. This song was originally on "You Are Not The Boss Of Me!", but the version pulled up by shuffle is the live version from A Brief History of Sicko.

Foetus, "La Rua Madereira"

Given that he started off calling himself You've Got Foetus On Your Breath, it's impressive that Jim Thirlwell managed to just get weirder as the years wore on. This comes from the 2013 album Soak, and just listen to it! Like some kind of super demented carnival just rolled through town.

Joshua Buergel
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