Five Songs, 5/20/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/20/2017

Without fanfare, I've been doing this more than a month now. I think I've missed two days. Not bad! I think I'll keep going for now, I'm still having fun. Here's today's music!

The Couch of Eureka, "I Got The Boom"

This is a track from a Lookout Records sampler called Heide Says, released in 1996. Despite being on Lookout, this sounds more like a song from a Dischord band than the typical pop punk of Lookout. I actually like this track a fair bit, and don't really remembering noticing it when I got this sampler.

The Dead Milkmen, "Junkie"

Snotty punk band The Dead Milkmen were a fixture for me in college, where seemingly everybody knew the lyrics to "Stuart" and "Bitchin' Camaro" by heart. They're one of those bands that can instantly transport me back to a time and place, which is something to always treasure. And I still know the lyrics to "Stuart" by heart.

Future of the Left, "Real Men Hunt In Packs"

Future of the Left returns with more of their menacing rock. The change right at the end of the song always feels like a release of tension to me, with the whole song building up to that simple bit.

Head of David, "Honey Lives!"

Do you ever listen to music because you think you should like it, and not because you actually like it? Let me introduce you to Head of David! A band that played music in the same general area as Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, I thought I probably should enjoy them, so I bought several records, willfully ignoring the simple fact that listening to it was a chore. And here they are, faithfully brought forward in my current library for me to ignore. Technology!

Deathspell Omega, "The Shrine of Mad Laughter"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Deathspell Omega turn out to be Nazi shitheads, and you should not in any way patronize them. I'm leaving the original text here, but fuck these guys.

Been a little bit since we've had a completely gonzo metal track around here. At any rate, Deathspell Omega might be my favorite extreme metal band going right now. Something about the completely bananas sound of this band works for me. Their over-the-top take on black metal, with all the dissonance and chaos they add, just takes it to a really cool place. I recognize that this is one of the toughest things to listen to in this project, but give it a whirl and see if things don't start to emerge from the mess.

Joshua Buergel
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