Five Songs, 6/13/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/13/2022

Sunless, "Spiraling into the Unfathomable"

Has it been a while since we've had extreme metal on here? It seems like it has been. Sunless's 2021 release, Ylem, is a fine example of the sort of dissonant death metal that I usually go for in the death metal space. While I'm not sure it's super stuck with me like my favorites in the genre, it's crunchy and plenty surprising, so I like it.

Yung Bae, "Intro"

I'm not sure I'm actually allowed to listen to somebody named "Yung Bae", frankly.

Booker T. & the MG's, "Melting Pot"

You know, were it not for the presence of that first track, we'd have ourselves a nice little summer playlist building up here!

Reflection Eternal, "Africa Dream"

Reflection Eternal is Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek, who made this record after Black Star fell apart. While it can't quite scale those same heights, it's an excellent record, as Hi-Tek is a great partner for Kweli's dextrous rhyming.

Hmm, according to Discogs, Reflection Eternal got together for another couple albums much later, I'll have to check those out.

The Dead Milkmen, "In Praise of Sha Na Na"

As the references the Dead Milkman make recede further and further into the past, their music makes less and less sense. But it didn't even make that much sense in the first place! Ah well, I'm sure kids these days have their equivalent. The Dead Milkmen can neither be created nor destroyed, but merely transformed.

Joshua Buergel
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