Five Songs, 6/15/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/15/2022

Seaweed, "Punchy (The Clown)"

Not much to say about the song, but I do think it's funny that Hollywood Records (a Disney label!) had Seaweed signed at one point.

DJ Vadim, "Your Revolution"

Damn, that drum resonating in this beat, that's delicious.

Teengenerate, "Stink"

Perfect name for a band like this, perfect song title, no notes. Looks like a short one today!

No Use For A Name, "Exit"

Oh god, nine minutes. Nothing on Fat Wreck Chords should last nine minutes, unless it's an entire release. I don't remember if this is one of those CD things where they merged two songs together, with some silence in-between, to create a hidden track. Often a cover. Let's find out together!

[minutes pass]

HELL YEAH NAILED IT. I swear, I didn't remember that, but it was such a common move in the mid-90s. Anyway, this is like a Weird Al polka track, only not amusing.

Crudbump, "King Me"

Well, that's a palette cleanser.

Joshua Buergel
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