Five Songs, 6/17/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/17/2021

The Orb, "Blue Room [Edit]"

The Orb's U.F.Orb was a big hit for ambient house, which is still a relative measure, but still. Like all electronic albums that got big, there were a host of remix singles and things that were put out. This comes from one of those singles, and is a tidy 3:12 mix of the song. This same single includes a 40:00 mix of the song, in case you wanted more. You can simulate it by playing this track thirteen times in a row.

Squarepusher, "Greenways Trajectory"

Do You Know Squarepusher is one of the least focused albums in his long career. It contains songs that sort of reflect all of the previous styles he had worked in, which covers a lot of musical territory. Adding to the unfocused feeling nature of the thing is that the CD release included a bonus disc which captures a live show in Japan, but the live show itself is also kind of all over the place. I'm sure it was fun to watch, but it's not that fun to listen to. Anyway, this is a track from the live disc, and yeah.

Xasthur, "Cursed Be the Memory of Light"

One of the biggest problems with black metal is the notion among some folks that shitty production is one of the true markers of the genre. Raw, lo-fi stuff can be important to a visceral experience with music, sure, and there are plenty of records that would suffer from a glossy production. But that doesn't mean that just plain ol' murk is a good thing!

Kool and the Gang, "Soul Vibrations"

Oh, thank god, Kool and the Gang are here to rescue today. Music Is The Message is another in the string of strong records that Kool and the Gang banged out up until Wild and Peaceful, but it's surprisingly hard to get these days. I mean, you can listen to it on Spotify, but if you want to buy a copy, you have to pick it up on the secondary market.

Electric Guest, "American Daydream"

The first Electric Gues record, Mondo, was a surprise to me, as I don't always go in for pop albums. But it's so pleasant, it's hard to deny.

Joshua Buergel
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