Five Songs, 6/19/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/19/2021

Glorior Belli, "The Great Southern Darkness"

Glorior Belli are a black metal band out of France, but they fuse in a lot of other things to their sound. Like, for instance, the opening of this is really kind of a Soundgarden song. But, I'm not sure it all works. Like, when they pivot to the metal vocals here, it seems really forced. This album doesn't really do it for me.

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge, "I Declare War (feat. Masta Killa)"

We've had a couple cuts form Twelve Reasons To Die, Ghostface's cinematic collab with Adrian Younge, but it's always a delight when it comes up. Wu-Tang Clan was always built around cinematic beats, so it's a natural place for Ghostface, and he sounds completely at home.

Filastine, "Singularities"

Filastine is the name of a Barcelona-based DJ, who has been putting out electronic records for a while. I've just got the one album, Dirty Bomb, and I like it pretty well. There's an eclectic approach here that I appreciate, and kind of a drama built in.

Jeff Tweedy, "Bombs Above"

Jeff Tweedy put out Warm in 2018, an album full of all new compositions that try and capture a sense of hope. It's his most country-influenced record since Being There, and it's nice to hear that side of his songwriting come to the fore. As you might expect from a solo record, it's a quieter, more intimate record, but I actually like it better than the recent Wilco records.

The Pietasters, "Can't Stand It"

In general, it's a bad sign when one of the best songs on a record is a cover. But that's the case with this album, as this is one of the stronger tunes and it's a cover of an old Alton Ellis tune.

Joshua Buergel
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