Five Songs, 6/21/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/21/2021

Superchunk, "Mower"

Unlike with OutKast, I have a lot of trouble picking my favorite Superchunk album. No Pocky For Kitty was the first album I bought, and it's top notch, and it's a sentimental pick. Here's Where The String Come In has Superchunk at their best blend of their energy and more mature songwriting, and it's a fantastic record. And then there's On The Mouth, today's album, which is just rock solid back-to-front. I think it's probably my most frequent pick, but I really do swap around quite a bit.

The Wedding Present, "Once More"

The Wedding Present were always a prolific singles band, with the peak of that tendency being the Hit Parade year, where they released a 7" each month for a whole year. Tommy (1985-1987) is earlier than that, and is the companion piece to their first album, George Best. Tommy collects the early singles into a single package. Like George Best, it's all furious strumming and David Gedge's frustrated stories of ordinary life. I think I slightly prefer the album to the comp, but both are fantastic documents of one of indie pop's great bands.

Joe & Barbara, "You're Astounding"

This is one of the last singles Stax released during their run, from 1975, their final year. At this point, they were well past their peak, but even off their peak, the tunes could still be solid.

Gorilla Biscuits, "Degradation"

There's nothing subtle about Gorilla Biscuits. This is just pure, uncut hardcore, but there's nothing wrong with it. It's earnest and fast, and they're kicking up a racket. Rock on!

The Jam, "Start!"

I'm not really enough of an expert to be able to explain the appeal of the Jam. But this is just a bouncy charmer of a song, I think it's self-evidently excellent.

Joshua Buergel
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