Five Songs, 6/25/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/25/2017

Some unrepresentative tracks today. I'm always tempted to link out to other songs for bands, but I usually restrain myself, telling myself that they'll come up again. This is probably a dumb policy! Music is over here.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, "*#.."

This track, with the ominous intro and escalating drums, is really designed to lead into the ferocious "Destro's Secret". Standalone, like this, it's all foreplay and no climax. Oh well.

SNFU, "This Is A Goodbye"

Canadian hardcore band SNFU took a sharp turn towards pop punk on this album (Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes), and it doesn't suit them particularly well. This album was enough of a turnoff for me that I didn't really dig further into their stuff until much later.

Lambchop, "Gar"

You know, I could do a lot worse than a daily Lambchop track. They've got enough music out there that we could go for a while! If you roughly divide their career into thirds, with the first phase being I Hope You're Sitting Down through What Another Man Spills (the country-ish phase), the second phase being Nixon through the double album (the eclectic-ish phase), and the third being the elder statesman phase (Damaged to present day), Mr. M is my favorite album of that third phase. Does that make any sense? Probably not. This is a good-ass album!

Zumpano, "Platinum Is Best Served Cold"

Before the New Pornographers, A.C./Carl Newman was in Zumpano, a band that presaged the power pop of the former band perfectly. If you've heard the Pornographers at all, you won't be surprised at what's on Zumpano's records, and they're worth seeking out if you're a fan.

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, "Fire In the Swimming Girl"

Great name for a punk band! Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments played snotty punk, which isn't really reflected well in the track that got pulled up here, but like I say, you get what you get.

Joshua Buergel
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