Five Songs, 6/25/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/25/2018

Today? Fun!

Iron & Wine, "Lion's Mane"

I think it can be easy to dismiss all these neo-folk types as posers, as just boring sensitive white guys with guitars. And yeah, but some of them are clearly playing something pretty inspired as well. Sam Beam, doing business as Iron & Wine, is one of those worth paying attention to. His debut album, The Creek Drank The Cradle, is pretty precious, but it's just filled with really nice songs. It's just Beam's voice and guitar most of the time, with just the occasional touches of slide guitar or banjo, as you can hear on this song. And while obviously, we here at Five Songs go pretty far in to pretty grim and noisy stuff, sometimes you just really need a pretty song, and Iron & Wine delivers.

Ihsahn, "Until I Too Dissolve"

And, see, this is the kind of thing you sometimes need a respite from. Ihsahn here is basically going full-on heavy metal here. I mean, this is just a pure head banger, which is also kind of fun. Today is fun!

Head of David, "Grand Rift Faultline"

You know what? This isn't that fun. Today is less fun!

Screeching Weasel, "Stupid Over You"

Somehow, against all the odds, I actually have tickets to go see Screeching Weasel on Saturday. In 2018. I'm not sure how this happened! Nevertheless, it will probably be fun. Today is fun again! Hooray fun!

The Skatalites, "Christine Keeler"

This song kicks off the Foundation Ska collection, and as a consequence is one of my most listened to ska songs. Or, at least, my most listened to version. I've probably listened to "Eastern Standard Time" more in all its recordings, for instance. Or "Guns of Navarone".


I've forgotten my point. Anyway, whatever, the Skatalites were great! And fun!

Joshua Buergel
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