Five Songs, 6/3/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/3/2022

Conlon Nancarrow, "Study for Player Piano No. 3a"

Has anybody flipped Nancarrow into any beats? Seems like it would be a fun thing to hear.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, "Crime Pays"

What a lovely beat here. As someone who grew up listening to the radio in cars in the early 80s an awful lot, that late 70s vibe here just sparks something really primal in me.

Tame Impala, "Lucidity"

Another of my breaks with music critic orthodoxy (although I don't really feel like I'm a real critic) is that I think Tame Impala is kind of boring. I'm not sure why that is - I like other psychedelic stuff just fine, I don't have any problems with any elements that go into this. It just glides past my brain and nothing finds any purchase. It's pleasant, but it's like taking a nap.

Nine Inch Nails, "The Day the World Went Away"

At this point, I can't remember what I've gone on record about with regard to Nine Inch Nails. I've probably declared something stupid about at least one of the records, maybe more than one. Anyway, The Fragile might be the best NiN album. There we go.

La Dispute, "Footsteps At The Pond"

Post-hardcore, baby! All right, I'm done here for today.

Joshua Buergel
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