Five Songs, 6/8/2017
Five Songs

Five Songs, 6/8/2017

If I'm counting this right, this is number 50 for these articles. Not bad! Now then, let's do some math, that means...250 songs? Except, of course, there are two extra tracks in there due to the Dillinger Four being unpostable on Youtube. So, 252 tracks! NICE ROUND NUMBER. Here's today's tunes.

Black Tusk, "Walk Among The Sky"

Out of Savannah, Georgia, Black Tusk play a murky take on stoner metal which isn't dissimilar from fellow Georgians Baroness. As always with all of this sort of music, it's all about the riffs, and this record has them in spades.

Leprous, "Within My Fence"

"Progressive", as an adjective these days (especially in metal), usually more or less means "fancy time signatures". Leprous, a progressive metal band, has that going on for sure. However, despite being focused on writing complex songs, they usually manage to not come across as too pretentious, which is the trap for any progressive band. Both Coal and The Congregation are pretty engaging and interesting records. And for those of you who can't stand death or black metal vocals, they actually sing on their records.

2Pac, "Ain't Hard 2 Find"

While 2Pac became legendary after his murder, I'm not sure how well his music has aged for me. Mostly, the problem with 2Pac is that he really kind of only has one flow. The consequence is that mostly his discography sort of blends together. It's not helped by the fact that basically every noise he made in a studio at any point has been released by now. Mostly, small doses of 2Pac is all I need these days.

Alejandro Escovedo, "Real As An Animal"

Straight ahead rock and roll, Escovedo is an artist that I'm not really that familiar with. I ended up with this record as a recommendation from an online friend, and I like it, but I never really dug further into his discography. Looking on the Internet, it looks like he's been making music forever, and I feel like I'm letting everybody down here not having more to say. Sometimes, I'm ignorant!

Beulah, "Calm Go The Wild Seas"

Beulah is an Elephant 6 band, which means you can expect pop and probably some preciousness. And, yeah, there's that, but this record (When Your Heartstrings Break) is actually some of the least affected stuff Elephant 6 did, and is also not coincidentally one of the strongest albums on the label.

Joshua Buergel
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