Five Songs, 7/11/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/11/2022

Dasher, "We Know So"

Here's a rarity: Dasher is led by Kylee Kimbrough, who sings and plays drums. Pretty neat! It's sorta post-hardcore, sorta noise, and is a fun record.

Swans, "The Wolf"

So, this little song leads into the centerpiece of double-album The Seer, the 32-minute epic "The Seer". Michael Gira manages to capture drama in a way very, very few people manage in music. He doesn't sound cheesy or overwrought, because his music can carry the weight he places on it. This stuff is best experienced in album form, but it's an amazing record.

The Maytals, "Pressure Drop"

If you can listen to this and sit still or not smile, we can't be friends.

Melvins, "Evil New War God"

Seems like it's been a bit since we've had the Melvins around here! This ditty comes to us from The Bride Screamed Murder, the last of the "double-duo" albums where Buzz and Dale were joined by Coady Willis (drums) and Jared Warren (bass) who together are Big Business. It's a fun period, as the dual drummers give a different feel than some of the Melvins iterations. Buzz can of course keep up his end of things, and all three of the studio records from this partnership are excellent.

NoMeansNo, "Brainless Wonder"

Fuck yeah! Wrong might be my favorite hardcore record (I've probably said this about five different albums during the course of this project.) If it's not my favorite, it might be my most listened to. Well, top three. I'll come in again.

NoMeansNo's elaborate take on hardcore peaked with Wrong, where they used their fearsome chops in service to equally fearsome songs. The twists and turns they were capable of weren't deployed capriciously, but instead to surprise the listener and highlight the times they were just straight burning. After this record, the aggression started draining out a little bit. It doesn't hurt the music, it's just that they evolved a bit more in a prog-ish direction. So if you like your music rippin', this is the record for you.

Joshua Buergel
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