Five Songs, 7/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/15/2021

Couch Slut, "The Mouthwash Years"

That ascending chord progression in this track, on the heavily distorted guitar, is a perfect summation of noise rock. Just really nails it.

Mattiel, "Sent It On Over"

Mattiel's first, self-titled, debut record made a lot of noise among music critics on its release. And it's easy to see why, it's a very confident record with a ton of style. It certainly sounds like its own thing, and I think a lot of critics (and me!) prize music which finds its own path. But, all that said, I don't know that I really care for it. It doesn't really stick with me, and I don't find myself wanting to explore it that much.

Looper, "My Robot"

Yeah! That's more my speed! Hit me with those drums!

Fire-Toolz, "All Deth is U2 [CODENAME_GUIDED_ACCESS]"

When I listen to Fire-Toolz, I'm actually pretty convinced I'm not supposed to. I mostly listen to the same kind of shit I listened to in my teens and 20s. Sure, some of it is made recently, but it's still more or less the same shit. I don't try and figure out what teenagers are listening to, because that would be hard and would also probably not work out well. I'm sure it's good! It's just not made for an old fart. Now, let me be clear: I have no idea who Fire-Toolz is for. But I think it's not for me? Does that even make sense? No?

The Skatalites, "Trip to Mars"

Well. Who wants to read more introspection, and who wants to hear some bitchin' ska???

Joshua Buergel
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