Five Songs, 7/20/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/20/2022

The Sound Stylistics, "Get Ya Some"

From the Mocambo Funk Forty Fives, a comp collecting, uh, funk forty fives from Mocambo Records. The label is a reliable source for this kind of stuff, so this collection is a very fun time. Listen to this, the flute lead is delightful.

J Church, "Violent Motions Created"

This is a darker palette than J Church usually work with, both in the music and the vocal delivery. But, as always with them, their instincts for not letting a song drag on serve them well. Get it out there, get the point across, get on to the next thing. You want more? Listen to it again!

Baroness, "Tourniquet"

John Baizley is the only original member of Baroness who is still there with the latest record, Gold & Grey, meaning they're tantalizingly close to realizing the true rock dream, that of achieving the Jefferson Airplane trick of eventually evolving into a band with no original members left.

johnboy, "Yellow"

A noise rock trio out of Austin, they made two albums in the early 90s and that was that. There weren't any other bands before or after, just these two records. But they're good records, so it's a shame they're forgotten. I hope they look back on these records fondly!

The Flaming Lips, "Unconsciously Screamin'"

There's an event horizon for the Flaming Lips - prior to In A Priest Driven Ambulence, the records are too messy for me to really listen to very much or at all. They just got torn apart by the chaos. But this album coheres enough to let the fun parts come through, so it's one that will get played occasionally.

Joshua Buergel
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