Five Songs, 7/23/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 7/23/2022

The Afghan Whigs, "Neglekted"

I always wonder a bit about song titles like this one. What does the spelling here represent? It's not a common alternate spelling or anything, so what was it that they were choosing to capture here? A mystery that might be solved with some simple searching, but I choose to just let it remain a question instead.

Dag Nasty, "Circles"

Founded by Brian Baker of Minor Threat, Dag Nasty took the hardcore of that band in a more melodic direction, folding in some of sound of the Descendents, with whom they toured. In fact, if you took the midpoint of those two bands, you get pretty close to Dag Nasty.

Snoop Dogg, "Who Am I (What's My Name)?"

I sometimes like looking up famous albums like this on Wikipedia because invariably there's something funny in there. And sure enough, in the "Title Significance" section of the page is this incredible quote: "The album's title alludes to the doggy style sex position and is a reference to the musician's name." Thanks, Wikipedia!

Night Birds, "Modern Morons"

Punk will never die! If I played this song and that Dag Nasty tune and asked you when each of them were released, I don't know that you'd have a better chance of being correct than just a random guess.

ALL, "Just Perfect"

And this one! Just mix 'em all up! And, connection time: Dave Smalley, the first ALL singer (who you hear here), is also the singer on that Dag Nasty track. And ALL was just the Descendents with Milo Aukerman replaced, so that ties everything up nicely.

Anyway, this is one of those songs that throws me back to being fourteen instantly. I'm listening to this on a Walkman in the back of the family van on a drive to California, and it's nice to just sink into that memory for a couple minutes.

Joshua Buergel
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